Monday, March 28, 2011

Ciabatta Pizza

Ciabatta Pizza of course isn't a dessert but it is delicious. We usually make a lovely honey wheat crust but it has to be made the day before. In a crunch I found this recipe and we've made it one time since. The picture above is from the second time I made it. It is a recipe that will stay in my recipe box though for a long time. It's relatively quick and easy, just a little sticky. It takes about two to three hours from start to finish depending on the temperature it's in while rising and the yeast and other random factors. This dough doesn't seem like it will come together but it will eventually. It mixes for a full 10 minutes in an electric mixer. Don't even try to mix it by hand. The recipe is here. I thought it would be helpful to take pictures along the way of making the pizza.

 I did bake the pizza on a pizza stone and used a pizza peel to form the pizza on. I completely disregarded the part about the parchment paper because I had no need for it. I believe anyone who wants to bake their own pizza should have a pizza stone. They help make pizza crust crunchier and it bakes better in my opinion. 
Happy baking!

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