About me

I'm a former pastry chef who believes baking should be fun and it's a form of self expression. Even the most simple recipes can come out beautiful and amazing. I really enjoy trying to mix flavors that usually aren't seen together and enjoy a challenge when baking. I started this blog because I thought it would be fun to share my experiments on desserts and meatless dishes with everyone as well as have a place that makes it easy for me to search for recipes I've made before and really liked instead keeping of stacks of recipes!

Fun Facts:
- I am a mother of two adorable children (a boy and a girl), a wife, and a sister
- I love to grow vegetables when I have the space and time
- I have a bachelor's degree in Culinary Management, as well as an associate's degree in Baking & Pastry Arts, and another associate's degree in Hospitality Management.
- I love to use coupons and find great deals!
- I have an unnatural love for hot cocoa and try every variety I can get my hands on!
- I live in Virginia

Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or questions at searchingfordessert at gmail .com

I love getting e-mails and comments! :) 

Please feel free to contact me at the e-mail above if you would like to discuss doing a product review.
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