Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I Love Thursday!

Pistachio and Orange anyone? I never knew I loved it until I tried it. As I'm sure you're guessing I love chocolate. For Valentine's Day that's all I wanted. Please...So my husband brought me home a beautiful box of chocolates from a local chocolatier. Local chocolatiers are my favorite. This one is Gearhart's Fine Chocolates. The piece I am in love with is Pistachio Chocolate Orange described on their website as "Semi-sweet chocolate ganache mixed with pistachio toffee, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with candied orange peel." Mmm...pieces of toffee on the inside. I don't like hazelnuts and when my husband asked they were kind enough to take a pre-made box and switch out a hazelnut piece with an extra one of these. Good thing there were two so that my husband was able to try one as well. I shared most of my chocolates with him because he loves chocolate also. They have so many lovely pieces such as Michigan Cherry, Maple Pecan, Tequila Lime. The Tequila Lime is a close second to the Pistachio and Orange though. So, if you're ever roaming around Charlottesville, VA and need a chocolate you should stop in.
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