Friday, March 26, 2010

"It's the bubbles of nothing that make it really something"

The Aero Chocolate Bar was one of my favorite things for a long time. It's creamy on the outside and has bubbles on the inside that are a bit crunchy. I first discovered them at a former job I used to have in a candy department. I don't remember how many hundreds of bars we had there but it was a bit overwhelming when you first encountered the "Candy Bar Wall". I first tried these in Milk Chocolate through and through and it was lovely with the bubbly sensation in your mouth. I have also tried the mint (shown above). These originated in the United Kingdom but are sold all over the world. Specialty stores and some grocery stores with good international sections carry them. They also make Caramel, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Latte, Crispy, Orange, and apparently Strawberry for a while as well as Vanilla Milkshake and Vanilla Yogurt as more of a limited addition I assume. I would have loved to have tried the orange or latte but I have never seen them. I don't consider these to be the best chocolate by far and I am a self proclaimed chocolate snob most of the time. Just the same, I love the texture and flavor that these bars deliver and whenever I see them I pick one up and enjoy. So if you're ever in a store and you see one maybe you should give it a whirl also.

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