Monday, March 29, 2010

Chocolate Chip cookies are one of my favorite cookies and always have been. I've been trying to eat healthier and follow the Weight Watchers plan as much as I can. Yes I do know I'm writing a blog about desserts. Occasionally maybe I'll post a healthier dessert, or maybe just a not as bad for you dessert. Last night I felt the need for a chocolate chip cookie as I used to make them almost weekly and now I haven't had one in two or three months. I decided to try to make it not as bad for me used a recipe from Splenda for Choco-Chip Cookies. I made the little balls about a tablespoon as the recipe called for but still ended up with 30 cookies when I had already cut the recipe in half. So, by my calculations they ended up being only about 1.25 points a piece. Not bad...even if it is a smaller cookie. I thought about sitting something next to the cookies as I hastily took the picture this morning but then it quickly flew out of my mind. See the thing is I was packaging up the rest of the ones I had baked (I had some in the freezer : ) ) and taking them to my parents house. Granted I still have maybe 12 in the freezer but I'm ok with that. : ). Now the problem is that I like them better frozen, as I've always loved frozen or refrigerated cookie dough for that matter. I don't think I'll bake anymore of them this round. I'll just eat them one by one or two by two until they're gone. That is why I wanted to get a quick picture. They ended up being about 2" in diameter but fluffier than I'd hoped. I like a chewy cookie and this was definitely a fluffy cookie. Although, it did have a hint of a crunch around the edges and that helped so it wasn't too fluffy and cloud-like. I don't think this will be my standby but it was good enough for a treat.

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