Wednesday, September 28, 2011

and sometimes...things go terribly wrong

I don't see people post about their mishaps to often and I think it's interesting to see the mishaps and slight disasters sometimes. Not everyone does all their baking perfect every time. So...I had this awesome idea to put the delicious Apple Cider Caramels on a "StackerMallow" then dip the whole thing in white chocolate. Then my white chocolate ceased on me while I was melting it. I should have done it in a double boiler but I didn't, I went for the microwave knowing I had to watch it. I sure enough watched it to, watched it get overheated. Geez...the chocolate in the picture is brown, not because I burnt it mind you, but because in my creativeness I added some semi-sweet chocolate in a terrible attempt to make it work. Ummm...didn't work. Besides, when I tried it the white chocolate overpowered the caramel anyway. I have to eat the caramels plain, so sad :). Hopefully my next experiment will go better. Yes yes, I'm sure it will.

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